Treehouse Culture Podcast Becomes a Buzzin' Sounds Original Podcast

Buzzin' Sounds are proud to announce that we have picked up the Treehouse Culture Podcast. Making the Treehouse Culture Podcast officially, the very first Buzzin' Sounds Podcasts Original.

Treehouse Culture is the brainchild of 2 Manc lads, Aaron Walsh (Walshy) and Malkeet Singh (Keet). Having grown up across the School Walk estate in Old Trafford, Walshy and Keet are incredibly close friends who shared a passion for grime and rap music, as well as nothing but love for their hometown.

Having done promotion for venues and rappers previously, and having a lot of friends who were underground rappers in Manchester, Walshy decided to add another string to his bow and taught himself how to use photoshop with the idea of offering to create album and single artwork to Manchester rappers at an extremely affordable price. However, with his previous experience of promoting rappers, his ever-growing list of connections and the new skills of creating in photoshop - Walshy and Keet teamed up to create Treehouse Culture.

Treehouse Culture was set up in May 2020, offering affordable artwork and free promotion on their Instagram pages to Manchester rappers. That grew far quicker than they probably imagined it would and their Instagram page now stands strong at over 3.3k followers. The growth of Treehouse Culture inspired a new idea in 2021 and with that, The Treehouse Podcast was born.

The Treehouse Podcast's first season saw great success and had some brilliant names within Manchester's underground music scene including; Feeemo, RJ, Freequency, XP Burstgang, Traumz, Emily Ivy and a personal favourite of mine - Britizen Kane. However, a busy schedule and life caught up with Walshy & Keet and despite wanting to continue on from the success of season one, season two looked like it might not come around.

As a studio in Manchester, we believe that Treehouse Culture is a true asset to Manchester's Music Scene and the Treehouse Podcast is a true and incredibly valuable representation of that asset. The platform offered by their Instagram success has elevated the incredible talent in Manchester and The Treehouse Podcast has taken that to a whole new level. We want to see that continue and hit new heights in the process.

After some really exciting conversations with Walshy, Buzzin' Sounds will be producing season two of The Treehouse Podcast as a Buzzin' Sounds Original. Aiming to keep to the very essence of what Treehouse Culture and The Treehouse Podcast is all about but take it further and become a major asset to Manchester's music scene as well as giving Treehouse Culture the full backing of Buzzin' Sounds.

Speaking about it all, Aaron Fletcher, Owner and Founder of Buzzin' Sounds says: "I've known Walshy & Keet for years and I take a lot of pride in what they've done for my city and the music that this city produces. What they've done so far is brilliant but I think that it could be so much more. I want to do what I can, with what we have at Buzzin' Sounds to make that happen."

Walshy, Co-Founder of Treehouse Culture also says; "We at Treehouse are very pleased to become a Buzzin' Sounds Original Podcast. We have worked closely with Buzzin' Sounds over the last year or two and the decision to partner up was a no brainer. We look forward to working with the Buzzin' Sounds team to help us set 2022 alight and taking our platform to the next level! Keep your eyes out for the return of season 2."

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