Our Goals, Aims and Promises for 2021

Updated: Feb 19


We made it. 2020 is over and 2021 is now upon us. At Buzzin’ Sounds, we’re incredibly grateful for the love and support received by so many of you throughout the year. We wouldn’t still be here if it wasn’t for our friends and family supporting us so much.

With huge thanks to Sam Challen from Exploited Crayon, who provided us not only with our full re-brand but particularly towards the beginning of the pandemic, with the love, support and friendship needed to tackle the situation head-on. Adam Whittaker from AdMia, for not only offering amazing social media and marketing advice and support but also for the love, support and friendship we all needed. Without these 2, Buzzin’ Sounds would’ve surely suffered. Their regular Zoom calls, advice and support were instrumental in how we fared through the pandemic.

To Anthony Kyle from MPostcode & Joanne Grogan the finest Travel Councillor around, for the weekly Zoom calls where work was only around 5-10% of the conversation and the ability to loosen up on a Friday and get any stresses, worries and rants off of our chests. MPostcode’s physical networking events are the best in the North West, and their virtual events were absolutely no different.

To the community across Cheetham Hill & Crumpsall, who either gave me so much to that I couldn’t focus on anything else or were just simply some of the greatest human beings anyone could wish to meet. Being part of the Royal Exchange Theatre’s Ambassadors, the Cheetham Cultural Festival, the We Love Cheetham & Crumpsall newspaper, Manchester Jewish Museum’s Song Writing Group and more, gave me so much excitement and enjoyment throughout.

To the fantastic recording, mixing, mastering, podcasting etc. clients that have used our services throughout the last 12 months and to my family for their continued, unwavering love and support. If I haven’t specifically mentioned you, that doesn’t mean you haven’t helped or that I’ve ignored you, your support has not gone unnoticed.

We are eternally grateful for everybody who has played their part, however big or small in Buzzin’ Sounds’ success in 2020. We are in the very fortunate position, compared to so many other businesses, where 2021 is an opportunity to build on the foundations we have laid over the last 12 months, rather than looking to start again and rebuild everything. Our goals and aims are high. We are feeling adventurous and hoping to do many good things in 2021.

What's to come in 2021?

We are expanding our voice-over work abilities by introducing our very own cast of voices. If you are after a voice-over, we will have the voice you need to make it perfect, in multiple languages. More information will be released soon.

We will be expanding our podcast room with brand new, state-of-the-art equipment. As well as introducing video podcasts/vlogs into the mix with a quality video camera and a video podcast editor being added to the team. Alongside this, we will be better defining and accumulating our podcast packages to suit you and your business. We may even run another couple of podcast workshops.

Revamped social media and content. Using our new video equipment, our audio equipment and expanded team or incredible freelancers, we will be opening up to better quality social media content that’s more informative, supportive and engaging.

Our Goals

We aim to triple our social media engagement and double our social media following. We will do this through our updated and more engaging content.

While growing our social media engagement and following, we aim to increase our social media leads and client base by five times the current rate.

We aim to triple our current client base across the board. Whether that be through recording sessions, mixing, mastering, podcasting or voiceover/AVR. We also aim to support 5 times more small businesses with the growth of their businesses through audio-based content such as podcasts or AVR.

We have specified 5 pieces of equipment in the control room/vocal booth that we believe we would need to upgrade to make the studio experience better for both ourselves and clients. We aim to have upgraded all 5 by December.

We aim to support at least 5 community projects throughout the year and improve the skills/lives and knowledge of at least 50 residents within the M8 area. Whether they be recurring projects or new.

We aim to be on track to expand our premises and acquire new premises in 2022, whether that be temporary or permanent premises in the M8 area.

We aim to be recognised for our work by at least 2 awards in the Greater Manchester area.

Finally, we aim to be able to bring in 1 student at some point to spend some time learning and gaining experience working in a professional studio setup.

Throughout the year we will be more consistent on our socials, website and in our content.

At the bare minimum we will be releasing:

The first Sunday of every month: NEW BLOG

The first Tuesday of every month: NEWSLETTER

The last Sunday of every month: NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO

However, blogs and YouTube videos will be more consistent throughout the year.

Our Promises

We promise to continue to support our local community with the same passion and enthusiasm that we have done since we opened. We want to see Cheetham & Crumpsall thrive through love, support, education and our usage of the arts.

We promise to support and nurture artists in the Manchester area and beyond to continue to grow their careers in the music industry. Recognising how 2020 took so much from musicians across the country and aiming to bridge the gaps that weren’t created by the pandemic, but worsened to what at times may feel like beyond repair.

We promise to take steps to ensure positive change is made within the music industry. Noting the severe lack of support for women and LGBTQ+ individuals across the board. We promise to do what we can to not only support those with the prospect of potential careers in the industry, but also those who are already in the industry and experiencing sexism, homophobia & transphobia.

We promise to work towards a fairer and more equal society. Challenging racism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, sexism and bigotry of any kind that is currently plaguing our societies.

But, most importantly, we promise to continue to work tirelessly to grow, support, nurture and be there for our community, our clients, our supporters, businesses and individuals. We promise to make 2021 the best year possible.

Thank you and best of luck to you, your family and friends in the next 12 months,

Aaron Fletcher

If you would like to work with us, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us:


Via Phone: 07902826347

Via e-mail: info@buzzinsounds.com

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