ORIGINALS: Musicians Vs. Sound Engineers

COMING IN SUMMER 2022: The Musicians vs. Sound Engineers podcast.

The 'Musicians vs. Sound Engineers' podcast will be the second addition to our 5 original podcasts in 2022 and the first one that's brand new.

What is 'Musicians vs. Sound Engineers'?

Musicians vs. Sound Engineers is a brand new podcast that pits a team of 2 musicians against a team of 2 sound engineers. In each episode, we will bring forward a topic that will polarise the opinions of musicians and sound engineers - then, we'll ask them to debate it out. The winners will be decided by the listeners.

More details will be released over the coming weeks.

Like what you hear? Want to get involved?

We're looking for an (impartial!) referee.

We're also looking for team members - musicians and sound engineers who would like to join the debate for an episode.

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