FAQs: How Do We Book Studio Sessions With You?

To make sure all artists that book in with us get the best experience possible, we go through a short booking process. We very rarely operate a just simply ring and turn up booking system as we like to make sure your studio session is prepped and planned. We hold ourselves to a high standard and we can't achieve that without our booking process. Booking with us is pretty simple, but we like to be thorough.

1) Make contact and discuss your needs

Whether you ring, email, text or DM us on social media, we have a quick chat about your session. We want to know what instruments/instrumentals you'll be using, what kind of setup you require, any special needs for your session etc.

We will also discuss the length of the session + extras and we'll provide a quote for you. Our quotes are NON-negotiable and we do NOT drop our prices for anyone unless we have a deal on.

2) Picking a time and date

Once you accept the quote, we'll discuss dates and times based on ours and your calendar. Sessions are restricted to our opening hours, other sessions and pre-existing commitments prior to your booking.

3) Invoicing your deposit

We've talked about and planned the session, agreed to the price and figured out when the session will take place. Next up is invoicing your deposit. Every session requires a *50% deposit to be made before we can cement your booking. You have until 9 pm 3 days later to pay your invoice from the time it's sent (e.g: if the invoice is sent on Thu 1st July at 2 pm, the invoice is due by 9 pm on Sun 4th July). If the invoice isn't paid on time, we will open the session to the public and you may have to completely re-book. If payment hasn't been made by the morning of day 3, we will send out a final reminder. Payments via bank transfer are preferred.

*ALL deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE!!!!

4) Pre-session

The day before your session, we'll call you to confirm everything's ready for the day before. If you have any instrumentals or files that need sending through, we'll arrange this on the call. We'll also go through any final details and arrangements that you need to be aware of and where you need to go. The more prepared we are before you come through the door, the quicker we can get to making music.

5) Session time


6) Pay rest

On the morning of the session, we will send through an invoice for the final 50% of the session. Again, our policy is 72 hours from invoice to payment. You can make payments in cash, bank transfer or (if under £500), via cheque.

*ALL payments are NON-REFUNDABLE!!!!

7) All files sent to you

Once the final balance is paid off, we will send your files to you via WeTransfer. If you have also booked a mix and master with us, further payments and waiting may be needed.

It may seem like a long process, but realistically it doesn't take very long at all. Steps 1-3 can take just 1 phone call. Hopefully, once you enquire, we can get you in the studio and have your files sent to you anywhere from 4 days - 1 week.


If you would like to work with us, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us:

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn.


General Enquiries: admin@buzzinsounds.com

Studio Enquiries: studio@buzzinsounds.com

Podcast Enquiries: podcasts@buzzinsounds.com

Phone/Text/WhatsApp: 07902826347

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