Buzzin' Sounds COVID Update: 10/12/21

On the 8th of December, Boris Johnson announced new COVID restrictions due to the huge rise in cases across the country, which is primarily down to the new 'Omicron' variant. These restrictions are due to take effect on the 13th of December. The new restrictions are being called 'Plan B'. At the time of writing this, talks about a 'Plan C' are in the works but there's limited info on what that looks like. Should there be an implementation of 'Plan C', we'll provide that update here!

What's Plan B?

The government's 'Plan B' includes 4 primary factors:

  • Face masks to become compulsory in most public indoor venues, other than hospitality

  • NHS Covid Pass to be mandatory in specific settings, using a negative test or full vaccination via the NHS Covid Pass

  • Vaccines and testing remain our best lines of defence

  • People asked to work from home if they can

What Does This Mean for Buzzin' Sounds?

Our number one priority at Buzzin' Sounds is the safety of anybody who walks through our door. Making incredible music is great and all, but making sure nobody gets ill or hurt is something we quite like and so far, nobody has gotten hurt or ill from our studio - it's something we'd like to continue with.

  • Face masks are not compulsory in the studio.

  • NHS Covid Pass will not be mandatory in the studio.

  • Working from home is not really an option for 90% of our business.

None of the government's latest restrictions applies to recording studios and we will not be amending our policies to make them mandatory either. However, we do want to re-iterate a couple of policies that do remain in spite of COVID.

  1. If you are displaying and symptoms whilst in the studio, you will be asked to leave immediately. If these symptoms are known prior to entering the studio, then you will be liable to pay the full amount for the session and will not receive any refund.

  2. We do require a minimum of 48 hours notice if you'd like to re-arrange your session but if you test positive for COVID or are displaying symptoms then please give us a call, e-mail or DM on the socials and we will re-arrange, even if it's a few hours before your session is due to take place. We will not punish you for keeping us safe. (We still do NOT offer refunds on cancellations, however, we'll always attempt to re-arrange.)

  3. We will be doing a deep clean at the end of every working day (including control room, vocal booth, all equipment used, kitchen area, bathroom and common areas), we will also be making sure we disinfect all surfaces and seats after each session.

  4. A minimum of 48 hours notice will be needed before any session can take place: on the day bookings will not be available.

  5. While mask-wearing isn't mandatory, it is a personal choice and should be respected in such a manner. Anybody trying to pressure another individual to be masked/unmasked may be asked to leave. If you are the person(s) responsible for the booking then you will be liable to pay the full amount for the session.

  6. We will allow for at least 30 minutes in between each session to avoid contact in common areas. Please arrive for your session ON TIME as we do not allow for time to be given back at the end of the session.

  7. Hand-sanitiser and disposable facemasks will be made available for anyone at the front door, in the bathroom and in the studio.

Please continue to treat all staff, attendees etc. with the utmost respect and understand that while some of our policies may cause a minor inconvenience - they exist to make you as safe as possible.

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