7 Reasons Why Podcasts Should Be Part of Your 2021 Marketing Strategy Conversations

Throughout the last 12 months, businesses across the country have been forced into re-evaluating their marketing strategies. As a society, we've been forced into a strange place - we have never been more connected thanks to the internet, but have also never been more disconnected from what's around us.

So many small-medium sized businesses rely on their personal relationship and connection with customers and clients and for many, it felt like they lost that overnight. The question then arose - 'How can I stay connected to my clients/customers from afar?'. One of the best things businesses can do to stay connected to their clients/customers from afar is podcasts and this is why many businesses from small to large are including podcasts as part of their marketing plans. Why, though? Why are businesses transitioning into the world of podcasts as part of their marketing campaigns?

Podcast Consumption is Rising Exponentially

According to Statista - weekly podcast listeners in the UK have risen to 15.6m in 2020. The UK population is 67.8m, meaning around 25% of the country listens to podcasts on a weekly basis. Podcasts are growing in popularity from both creators and listeners alike. More trust is being placed in podcasts to distribute information on almost any given subject and many listeners are now searching for podcasts to answer questions on given problems. Now, businesses are looking to capitalise on the ever-growing podcast market due to the sheer size of the current potential audience.

There's an Audience for You

Not only are there 15.6m weekly podcast listeners, but there are also more than 1.5m active podcasts worldwide according to Podcast Insights. Though this may seem like a worrying number of podcasts to compete with, it's important to note that each podcast serves a different purpose and takes up different audiences. There are podcasts for everything you could possibly think of from sports and music to fishing and chess. Your podcast has an audience waiting to hear what you have to say/do. Whether you're working in property, law, music, fashion or whether you have a hobby that you love - somebody out there shares your interest/topic and you have the opportunity to support them.

Connecting to Current and Future Clients

Connection to clients can be hard to come by and as mentioned previously, so many small & medium businesses rely on having that connection with clients to drive business. Podcasts are listened to in a variety of settings and when we speak to our podcasting clients, we always ask when and where they listen to pods. People tend to listen at home when cooking, cleaning, taking a bath or just simply winding down. In the gym and in transit are also two other major ways people seem to listen to podcasts. These activities are daily things we all do, and your podcast would become part of a person's daily routines, which I believe is something incredibly special. The conversational aspect of podcasts often makes listeners feel like they're part of something bigger. The feeling that they're listening in on a conversation between two people and like they're learning new things by just simply b

Reep the Benefits (If Consistent)

The more people you are able to put yourself in front of - the more likely you are to gain a customer/client. That's the same with any form of marketing, podcasting is no different. If you are consistent and able to put yourself in front of and connect with clients/prospective clients, you are more likely to gain business.

Coming Across as Experts in Your Field

Businesses with podcasts about their industry, similar with blogs, are generally considered to be experts in their field. This, in turn, provides consumers with more trust and confidence in becoming a customer with a business. Having an understanding and knowledge that said business knows what it's talking about, believes in its knowledge/experience meaning that the product or service will generally be better than competitors.

Low Cost to Setup

While podcasts and audio equipment can be an expensive investment, realistically, you can create and release a podcast on a limited budget. Thanks to the advancements in music technology, budget microphones are increasing in quality, as are audio interfaces and other related pieces of audio equipment. Anchor (podcast hosting site) allows you to host your podcast for absolutely free, and the likes of Canva allow you to create artwork and graphics for free. The only cost as of the initial equipment costs are your time and if you want to create a paid promotion on social media. Keeping financial costs low. However, if you want to get professional support (recording in a podcasting studio, editing, management, jingles, artwork etc.) costs will be higher.

Sponsorship Also Works If You're Unable to Create Your Own

Podcast sponsorships are growing year on year as businesses recognise the power behind them. If your business doesn't have the option to put together its own podcast, sponsoring a podcast may be another viable option. When marketing, one of the first things you will do is create a profile of your target audience. To understand more about them, what they do, where they are and what you must do to get in front of them. With that understanding, you will be able to find a podcast that is being listened to by your target audience. Sponsorship will allow your business to receive a promotion by that podcast, which goes straight to your target audience.

If your business is considering a podcast as part of its 2021 marketing plan and would like to find out more or receive support in setting it up then we are here to help you.

We are able to support your podcast from the very first idea, all the way through to the listeners ear and beyond.

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