7 Essential Things to Consider Before Starting A Podcast

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Podcasting is the fastest growing way people are consuming content online. In 2019, over 7 millions people were listening to Podcasts weekly (a 24% increase over 2018). Chances are, your customers, clients, colleagues and fellow industry professionals are listening to a Podcast or 2. If you are thinking about the potential of making a Podcast, I’m going to tell you 7 things you need to think about before you get started.

Come Up With The Topic

First things first, you need a topic. Chances are, if you’re thinking about making a Podcast, you’ve got something you can talk about. Believe me when I say, pretty much nothing is off the cards. Even if your interest or topic of discussion is niche, someone out there would also find it interesting. Pick something you know about and have some passion for. Business, Football, Politics, Bird Watching, perhaps?

Decide on a Goal

The Podcast needs to have a purpose. The purpose of the Podcast will shape the rest of what you think or do regarding your Podcast. The listener needs to find value inside. Are you trying to raise awareness for a subject? Is your goal to let people know the latest findings and knowledge within your community? Is the purpose to provide motivation? To give others a voice and gauge insights, thoughts and opinions on a particular subject?

Pick Your Audience

Who’s the Podcast for? If your goal is to inform people about the latest technology in the world of photography, your audience will be other photographers. If your goal is to offer a platform to Port Vale FC fans to talk about the club, share opinions on the previous game and talk about the latest transfer news, you are going to target Port Vale fans. If your podcast was based around Port Vale but you targeted Notts County fans then you may have the wrong audience.

Think of a Name

Naming your podcast shouldn’t be difficult. Sometimes coming up with names for things can be but you don’t have to overthink. Your topic will define your name. The name should tell people what the Podcast will be about. However, make sure you check first to see if the name is taken before using it.

Consider Who Will Be The Host

Who’s the host? I’m going to go out on a limb and say that your host would be YOU. If not, WHY NOT? This is you. Your idea. Your thoughts. Your feelings and YOUR opinions. Who better to talk about these things than you? If you are after a co-host, then choose someone you know. The host and co-host should be able to bounce off each other and engage the listener.

Plan Your Content

Now you need to begin to look at the content you will put in the Podcast. Start to think about how long the Podcast will be. We’ve thought about your audience. What do they want to hear? Think about your guests and what guest involvement you want to have and why they’re on the Podcast in the first place. The content should always have a specific focus and tie to the goal of the Podcast. Don’t let your content stray away from the message and purpose of the Podcast.

Be Wary of the Commitment

So, now you’ve got your Idea, your aims/goals, your audience, your name, your host and even your content. The other main thing to consider is your commitment. Every single episode takes planning and prep. Many people believe that straight off the bat they need to do a Podcast a week, indefinitely and that’s just not the case.Weigh up your current schedule in life and ask yourself how long it’d realistically take to put together. To book guests, gather content, consult your co-host etc. and don’t commit to more than you can handle.


So, there are our 7 essential things to consider before starting your Podcast. If you have taken those into account and seriously considered them then you’re on to a great start with putting together your Podcast.

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