Whether you're looking at starting a podcast or expanding what you've already got, our training is perfect for you.


Start a Podcast

So many people have great ideas for podcasts, or want to start one but don't know where to go after that idea sparks. There are so many things to consider when going for a podcast and what you're going to need before you start.

Covering topics such as; Exploring the Field, Refining Topics, Setting Goals, Commitment, Creating Content, Graphics, Jingles, Equipment, Distribution, Introduction to Marketing.


Duration: 4hrs (with a break in the middle).

In-person: £600-£700

Via Zoom: £500

Pods for SMEs

The growth of podcasts in recent years has been major​, and lots of businesses are taking advantage of the ever growing market. But, why are businesses stepping into the podcasting world and how, as a small business can you tap into the world of podcasting?

Covering topics such as; what podcasting looks like, how you can connect with clients, how you can begin to make money out of podcasts and why SMEs are really able to benefit as a company.

Duration: 4hrs (with a break in the middle).

In-person: £650-£750

Via Zoom: £550


*In-person prices vary depending on the venue for training. If you would like to come to us, it would be slightly cheaper. Hot drinks and refreshments will be provided.