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COMING MARCH 2021: Podcast Room

Our podcast room is going through a revamp right now, but in March, we'll be back with a specially designed podcasting room capable of recording up to 4 people at once. Using top podcasting equipment, your podcast will sound GREAT. With the capabilities of adding phone calls, voice notes, samples and more into the recording from the get-go.

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Once a podcast is recorded, it must go through an editing and mastering phase. Cutting any mistakes, fine-tuning and making sure that the podcast sounds great, no matter what device people are listening to it on.

We edit podcasts so that the conversation is kept intact, while mistakes and filler noises are kept to a minimum.

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A podcast jingle encapsulates an audience and sets up your podcast for your listeners. In 30 seconds or less, potential fans will decide whether they want to invest their time in you or not. So, it's really important that you get it right.

Before creating any jingle - we sit down with you and get an idea for your podcast so we can create an intro that truly represents your podcast and retains listeners.

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