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AM8, Ali, ALZI, Andy Steele, Antony Parker Poet, Charity Tembo, Cheetham Academy CofE Primary, Cheetham Song-Writing Group, Contrast the Difference, CWB, Digital Fury, Ernest, Exon, Kara Lark, Millie, Ryno, Sharon Jones (The Footie Poet), Richmond Project, Velody QC,


Abraham Moss Warriors JFC, Cheetham Cultural Festival, Greater Manchester Funeral Services, Manchester Jewish Museum, Near Neighbours, Royal Exchange Theatre, St. Thomas' Church, Trinity United Church, West Gorton Youth Project



Dark Coffee, Game Changers, Joanne Grogan, Inspire25 Club, Roar of the Lions UK, The Treehouse Podcast, Wessex Museums, What the F' Is Hypno-Birth, Val Dickinson