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If you would like to find out more about Podcasting, Radio Adverts, IVR or VO work and how Buzzin' Sounds can help with your businesses audio branding then book a FREE consultation - either face-to-face at Lloyds Bank in Manchester or via Zoom/Phone call.

All service bookings require a 50% deposit before work can start.

*Freelancers fees will be included in the price if you want them.*

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Prices Vary - Enquire for Quote

If you're thinking of recording a Podcast and sharing your knowledge with the world, then Buzzin' Sounds can help you from start to finish.

We can offer everything from a content producer, artwork, intro/outro production, recording, post-production & editing and marketing.

We work with freelance graphic designers, marketing specialists and content producers to give you the best Podcast possible.

*Uploading and distributing Podcasts will cost extra to cover costs of packages*


Prices Vary - Enquire for Quote

If your business is looking to advertise via the medium of radio, we can help you compile a radio advert that will make you sound fantastic.

We can take care of any sounds and effects you want, post-production & editing to make it radio ready and supply you with fantastic voice-over talent.

*We cannot get the advert played on radio for you ourselves but we will be able to help put you in the right direction to people that can.*


Prices Vary - Enquire for Quote

If you are a videographer with a lot of work going on and too much to do so you can't find take the time you want to on the audio side or if you're someone who's managed to compile together a video and want some sound to capture it perfectly, then Buzzin' Sounds can help.

Whether it's a song for the occasion, sound effects or foley recordings, your video won't just look great, it'll sound amazing too.

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