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Through our blog, consultations and conversations during sessions, we offer free advice to help you grow your career as a musician.

Whether you're compiling your first or 50th album, releasing a single or gigging, we want to support your career and give you the confidence to crush it and make the most out of the opportunity in front of you. If you need help or advice, just get in touch.

Advice is totally free if you have paid for a session, otherwise we offer free 30 minute consultation meetings either in the studio, over the phone or in Lloyds Bank on Market St.


When we work with you, we want you to be the best you can be. We've worked with already established artists and those at the very beginning of their career and had their first ever session at our studio.

Our plan is to help you grow and leave our studio feeling like a better artist for it. Whether it's growing your sound, improving on your writing or your mic technique - we believe no one is perfect and we can all learn and grow.

Artist Development is a free service we provide to anyone who has paid for a session.

Support Packages

Whether you need help branding yourself as an artist, a photoshoot for a project, a music video or aid with promotion, we work with very talented individuals who can help you with anything.

You can choose a tailor made package to suit you and your needs. We offer 9 services:

General Social Media for Artists Session

Social Media Promotion for Artists Session

(Usually for a Single/Album release)

Artist Logo/Branding

Social Media Post Templates

Photoshoot (On Location)

Music Video Shoot

YouTube Intro

Promotional Video

You can choose as many or as little of these as you need. We do not release your Music for you or Manage your Social Media for you. Social Media Management is dependent on our Social Media partners.

There's a 10% admin fee on top of the costs of the package.

For artist support please get in touch:

You can join our FREE to join Facebook Group where we offer bits of artist support and networking:

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